Use BeyondPod Screens

There are 4 main views you can use to view RSS feeds, manage and play podcasts:

(Tap on the images to see an expanded view of the screen)
Feeds Screen - shows a list of all Feeds you subscribe. This is the "home" screen you see when BeyondPod starts. Here you can add, edit, delete or update your feed subscriptions.
Feed Content Screen - shows the feed content (all feed posts). If the feed has podcasts, you also get an option to download, play or stream individual episodes.
Episodes Screen - shows a list of all downloaded episodes. Here you can see what episodes have been played and add them to the playlist.
Player Screen - contains the podcast player with controls to play/pause, skip forward and backwards in the podcast. Rotating the phone in landscape position switches the player to "Car" friendly mode with larger buttons and text.

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