• One application for all your RSS needs. You can subscribe to RSS feeds, read the content, download and play podcasts all in a single application.
  • Supports Atom, RSS 2.0 and OPML feeds.
  • Feeds can be read even while you are offline.
  • Sophisticated podcast download engine gives you complete control of how many podcasts to download and how long to keep the old versions. Updates and podcast downloads are executed in the background while you read the feed content.
  • Integrated podcast player tracks automatically what podcasts you have listened to. (You can also configure BeyondPod to use an external media player.)
  • Schedule feed updates and podcast downloads daily at any given time.
  • Import and export OPML files. Subscribe to online OPML feeds the same way you subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds.
  • Integration with Feedly allows you to easily to sync your Feedly subscriptions.
  • Assign and filter feeds based by category (such as News, Sports, or Technology).
  • Because BeyondPod lets you associate a feed with multiple categories (for example Favorites and News), you have maximum flexibility in organizing your information sources, while retaining the ability to quickly view and update related feeds.
  • BeyondPod gives you full control over what is being downloaded over your data connection. You can update a single feed, all feeds in a given category, or all feeds. You can download a single podcast, the latest podcasts or all podcasts for a given feed. Nothing happens without your knowledge.
  • You can create "virtual" feeds based on the content of a local folder (for example if you listen to audio books).
  • Works on devices with and without a touch screen. Supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. BeyondPod requires .NET Compact Framework 2 or 3.5. BeyondPod is community supported.
  • It is absolutely free! No Registration! No Ads! Source code is freely available!
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