BeyondPod Resources, Tips and Tricks


BeyondScheduler is a companion application that BeyondPod uses internally for scheduling updates. BeyondScheduler allows you to schedule multiple tasks that can run at specific times. It currently supports turning Flight Mode On/Off, turning Bluetooth On/Off, and Running BeyondPod updates.
BeyondScheduler also offers experimental support for switching WiFi On/Off so that, for example, WiFi is enabled only during feed updates. Given that various devices use different WiFi implementations, this capability may not work correctly with all devices. (It it known to support T-Mobile Dash, and should support other HTC devices). To use this feature, you HAVE TO manually run BeyondScheduler.exe from BeyonhdPod's install folder.

Sometimes BeyondPod's Feed Update Log can contain a message that an error cannot be displayed because the optional resource file was not installed. This file can normally be found on your PC in C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\CompactFramework\v3.5\WindowsCE\Diagnostics directory. Or you can download it from After you install this file on your mobile device, the next time this error occurs, the log should contain the real error message.

Versions of the Compact Framework

There are multiple versions of the compact framework in use today. Some are pre-installed in the ROM of the device, some are installed as a CAB file. BeyondPod requires version 2.0 SP1 or later to work. You can find the version of the framework installed on your device by using File Explorer on the device, and navigating to My Device / Windows. Run the program cgacutil and a dialog will appear displaying one or more build numbers. These numbers will tell you what version of the Compact Framework is installed. It is recommended that you try to use the latest version if possible - currently CF3.5. Be sure to install the Compact Framework in Main Storage (not the SD card). Version 3.5 of the Compact Framework can be downloaded from Microsoft Web Site. Keep in mind that multiple versions of the Compact Framework can be installed on the same device at the same time. (For example you can have both CF2.0 SP2 and CF3.5 installed)

Where are all BeyondPod settings stored?

BeyondPod uses 4 files to store all its settings: BeyondScheduler has only 1 configuration file: If you back up the files llisted above, you will be able to restore BeyondPod after a hard reset. Also, these settings files aren't automatically deleted by the BeyondPod uninstall. This keeps users from having to start from scratch if they upgrade to a newer version of BeyondPod. Thus, if you want to completely uninstall BeyondPod, you will have to manually remove these configuration files.

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