Switching from Google Reader to Feedly

Here is how to transition your Google Reader Feeds to Feedly

  1. Create an account on Feedly, log in and make sure your Google Reader feeds are imported correctly.
  2. Backup your BeyondPod data (just in case) using the built in Backup Tool - Menu > More > Settings > Backup & Restore.
  3. Make sure you are using BeyondPod to v3.1.30 (phone) or v3.10.30 (tablet) or later (Menu > More > About BeyondPod). You can always get latest versions from our BETA pages.
  4. Once in BeyondPod, login to Feedly - use: Add Feed > Import Feeds > Import From Feedly. Follow the instructions from Feedly to log in to your account (make sure to use the same login as you used in Reader). Once you see the list of feeds from Feedly, just exit back to the main BeyondPod window (there is no need to import anything).
  5. Make sure to update your feeds so they can re-sync with Feedly. The best way is to select the "All Feeds" category and use the button - this will update all feeds in all categories at once.

    IMPORTANT Because Feedly uses different mechanism to track episodes, your download history (which episodes were downloaded in the past) will be lost. Based on your download settings old episodes may be re-downloaded on the next update. Make sure to check your feeds and manually mark as "read" any (old) episodes that you don't want to download.

Please Note

  • If you have feeds that are synchronized with Google Reader, and decide to NOT synchronize your feeds with Feedly, you can easily disconnect all feeds by going to: Menu > More > Settings > General Settings > Disconnect from Feedly.