Creating Quick Play Shortcuts

Quick Play shortcuts build automatic playlists based on search keywords. When creating a Quick Play shortcut you provide a search phrase (keyword) and an optional shortcut name.

When you launch the shortcut, BeyondPod will generate a playlist by looking for categories, feeds or episodes that match the keyword you set. You are free to create multiple Quick Play shortcuts to build playlists that match your mood.

Here are some examples. If you enter keyword like:

  • News - BeyondPod will play any category, feed or episode that has the word "news" in its name.
  • Feed Science Times - will play all episodes for feed named "Science Times".
  • smart play - will start Smart Play.
  • Random in Music - will try to find category or feed (normal or virtual) named "Music", randomize the episodes and start a playback.
  • Latest in category Sport" - will try to find a category named "Sport" and play the episodes starting from the most recent.

More information about Quick Play rules and how to start Quick Play using voice commands is available in the Quick Play Guide.

Quick Play is still an experimental feature. If you find it useful, and have any suggestions for improving it, please share your feedback on our support forum