Importing and Exporting Feeds

BeyondPod supports importing and exporting feeds from various sources and also exporting subscriptions to an OPML file. To import feeds select: + Add Feed >  Import Feeds

  • If you know the URL of the feed, use "Enter Feed Address" to create a feed directly.
  • If you have a collection of audio/video files that you want to manage using BeyondPod, use the "Import SD card Folder" option to create a Virtual Feed from any SD card folder on your device.
  • Use "Import from OPML" option to import subscriptions from an OPML file.
  • "Import from Feedly" allows you to import subscriptions from Feedly's cloud based news reader. More information about Feedly is available in the Feedly Integration section.

To export all your feeds to an OPML file, Menu > More... > Settings > Backup and Restore > Export To OPML. BeyondPod will export all your feeds grouped by their first category (Category 1).

If you want to move BeyondPod to a different device, more information can be found in the FAQ section.