Tips for upgrading from BeyondPod 3.x to BeyondPod 4

While BeyondPod 4 user interface looks somewhat different, all the existing functionality is still there. The changes we made were in response to the feedback from users over the years as well as our desire to make BeyondPod comply (as much as possible) to the new Android design guidelines. Below you can find some useful tips to help with the transition:

  • In order to reduce confusion that was caused by "Read" items, in BeyondPod 4.0 we simplified how "Read" items are handled and displayed. By default, all "read" items and feeds are visible. If you want to be able to hide them you must first enable Settings > General Settings > Allow Hiding of Read and Played. Once enabled, you will see the appropriate menu options to hide/show read feeds and items/episodes.
  • We combined the "read" and "played" states for the episodes so now episodes don't have separate "read" flag. What you used to do by marking episode as "read" can now be done by marking the episode as "played". (For text only feeds the "read" works as before).
  • When selecting a feed, by default, BeyondPod now shows feed's "My Episodes" (in 3.0 it used to show "All Published" of the feed). You can change it back to "All Published" in: General Settings > Preferred Feed View.
  • "Lock Episode" feature is now renamed to "Set as Favorite". It does the same thing as before to prevent the automatic deletion of episode.
  • In the player, "Skip to End" button is disabled (hidden) by default. To enable it use Settings > Player Settings > Show Skip-To-End Button.
  • In most places where you can see episodes, you can apply action (like download, delete etc.) on multiple episodes at once. Long press on the first episode to enable multi-select, then tap on the remaining episodes and finally select the action from the overflow menu.
  • If you used QuickPlay shortcuts in v3, this functionality is now incorporated into SmartPlay. With 4.0 you can create multiple SmartPlays as well as create shortcuts to start any of your SmartPlays directly from the device Home Screen.
  • 4.0 no longer has a dedicated 1x1 widget. If you need 1x1 widget, use the 1x4 widget and resize it to 1x1 once you add it to your home screen.
  • We reversed the actions of Playback Speed button on the player screen (compared to v3). Now single press opens a dialog where you can select a playback speed using a slider, and long press cycles between 1x and 2 pre-selected playback speeds.

If you want to downgrade back to BeyondPod 3.X, you can find the latest 3.X releases here.

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