New BETA build is available!
Latest BETA build version: 4.0.17, Your Version: 3.1.20
This is a Development BETA build! It contains new features and bug fixes that we are planning for the next public release.
We try to keep our BETA builds as stable as possible (this is what we use daily in our personal devices). Keep in mind that not all features are completely tested yet and some unexpected results or crashes may still occur! We recommend that you always do a backup of your feeds and settings (BeyondPod Settings > Backup and Restore > Backup) before installing the beta - just in case you want to go back to the previous version.

What is new in this version
  • You can now set BeyondPod to open the "Feed List" (left drawer) or "Full Screen Player" when starting up. This will also affect the behavior of the Back button - it will first get you to the selected "startup" screen before exiting. This is currently an experimental feature and can be enabled in: Advanced Settings > 'Home' Screen' (BeyondPod Settings > Menu > Advanced settings).
  • Added progress bar on the mini player
  • Returned “Move to Top/bottom” in the playlist (long press to Multi select your items and then use menu Move to Top/Bottom).
  • Updated the Playback Speed Charm. You can now pre-set the Playback Speed 1 and 2 directly in the charm (no need to go to the Playback Speed in settings). Long press on the Playback Speed button still cycles between 1x and Playback speed 1 and 2 presets.
  • “Skip to End” button can be configured to use Long Press. (Settings > Player Settings > Skip-To-End Button).
  • Feed List shows feed’s last updated date (only when "Enable Hiding of Read" is enabled in the General settings)
  • Added Update feed/category to the Feed/Category long press menu
  • Added Update 'All feeds' to the main (overflow) menu when the Navigator is open or when “What to Play” is selected
  • Fast scroll is now enabled on the lists (only if they have lots of items)
  • Episode names in the playlist can now wrap to 2 lines.
  • Feed List now shows “Uncategorized” category if there are uncategorized feeds (feeds where both categories are set to “Unassigned”)
  • Fix for syncing of the SmartPlay at the end of update. If something was downloaded and SmartPlay needed to be rebuild, it was incorrectly rebuilding the “Last Used” smart play instead of the “Default” one.
  • Updates to the close logic between the 2 drawers so drawers no longer allowed to overlap and are closed in predictable order when the Back key is pressed.
  • Bug Fixes.

How to install the latest BETA
  • For now just download and install the .apk file linked below directly to your device. (We will publish it to the BETA channel of Google Play over the next few weeks.)
  • BeyondPod 4.0 comes as a single version that runs equally well on both phones and tablets (requires Android 4.0 or later). If you currently have the tablet version, we recommend that you un-install it before switching to 4.0. Find out more....
  • The new (4.0) version of BeyondPod has changed quite a bit. Here are some tips on how to make the transition easier.

We appreciate your feedback.
Please use the BeyondPod BETA Community Forum to post any BETA related questions or comments.

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