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Latest BETA build version: 4.3.23, Your Version: 3.1.20

You can help us make BeyondPod even better by becoming a BETA Tester. You are always provided with the latest builds (containing new features and bug fixes that we are planning for public releases) and your feedback can really make a difference.

What is new in this version

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How to install the latest beta

The best way to install the BETA is from our BETA channel on Google Play by becoming a Beta Tester. Once you join, BETA versions will be delivered to your device directly from Google Play as they are released. (You can leave the beta test at any time and revert to the latest public release).

Alternatively you can also download and install the .apk file linked below directly to your device.

Note: If you use BeyondPod's Android Auto integration, you need to install the latest beta from the our Beta Channel on Google Play Store. Currently Android Auto works only with apps that were installed from the Play Store and DOES NOT recognize "sideloaded" apps.

Please use the BeyondPod BETA Community Forum to post any BETA related questions or comments.

Download BeyondPod_4_3_23.apk