New BETA build is available!
Latest BETA build version: 4.0.19, Your Version: Unknown
This is a Development BETA build! It contains new features and bug fixes that we are planning for the next public release.
We try to keep our BETA builds as stable as possible (this is what we use daily in our personal devices). Keep in mind that not all features are completely tested yet and some unexpected results or crashes may still occur! We recommend that you always do a backup of your feeds and settings (BeyondPod Settings > Backup and Restore > Backup) before installing the beta - just in case you want to go back to the previous version.

What is new in this version
  • Updated the full screen player. It now uses episode album art as a background (the "text" album art may return as an option at some point later).
  • Revised player's "car mode". Based on the feedback, we now replace the default (compact) transport controls with a version containing a full set of larger buttons. As it is intended to be used while driving, biking or jogging, the new "Car mode" is currently enabled only on phones. Tablets don't have that option, as we are considering an improved "tablet friendly" transport controls to be available at some point.
  • Given that the feedback we received so far for the "cards view" of the playlist (the old "car mode") has been "unenthusiastic", we are considering removing it in the next versions. For now you can still access a slightly simplified version by long pressing on the player background - please let us know if you find it useful and it deserves to stay.
  • We have a new application icon (...long overdue).
  • Many bug Fixes.

How to install the latest BETA
  • For now just download and install the .apk file linked below directly to your device. (We will publish it to the BETA channel of Google Play over the next few weeks.)
  • BeyondPod 4.0 comes as a single version that runs equally well on both phones and tablets (requires Android 4.0 or later). If you currently have the tablet version, we recommend that you un-install it before switching to 4.0. Find out more....
  • The new (4.0) version of BeyondPod has changed quite a bit. Here are some tips on how to make the transition easier.

We appreciate your feedback.
Please use the BeyondPod BETA Community Forum to post any BETA related questions or comments.

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