New BETA build is available!
Latest BETA build version: 3.3.68, Your Version: Unknown
This is a Development BETA build! It contains new features and bug fixes that we are planning for the next public release.

We try to keep our BETA builds as stable as possible (this is what we use daily in our personal devices). Keep in mind that not all features are completely tested yet and some unexpected results or crashes may still occur!

This is BETA for the Phone version of BeyondPod and will install on any Android device running Android 2.2 or later. (Tablet BETA is available here).
What is new in this version
  • BeyondPod is now updated to support the official release of Chromecast SDK.
    Please note that the official Chromecast support works on Android 2.3 and above and requires Google Play Service 4.2 or later to be installed on the device. Google Play Services should have been already updated on your device but if you don't see the Chromecast button in BeyondPod, check your installed applications (in Device settings) if Google Play Services 4.2 update is available and install it.
  • On some devices, after updating to to Android 4.4 KitKat, the external SD card has become Read Only. If you were using the External SD card to store your episodes, BeyondPod can no longer save episodes to that location. We added a way to switch BeyondPod to use the Internal SD card. You can find more information here.
  • Bug Fixes

How to install the latest BETA
  • The best way to install the BETA is from our BETA channel on Google Play. Join BeyondPod Beta Test Google group and follow the instructions in the first post. BETA versions will be delivered to your device directly from Google Play as they are released. (You can leave the beta group at any time and revert to the latest public release.)
  • Alternatively you can just download and install the .apk file linked below directly to your device.
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We appreciate your feedback. Please use the BeyondPod Community Forum to post questions and comments.